Nobody said it was going to be easy

The new government has had some teething problems. Some of this can be put down to organisational naivety and/or sloppiness, such as the occasional unfortunate bout of mixed messages regarding changes to COVID restrictions. More recently we have seen a lack of experience and, to be honest, basic cop-on as politicians broke COVID guidelines to attend a function in Clifden.

Arguably most serious of all, however, is the tension created within government ranks as a result of the two bigger coalition parties butting horns as they find themselves unable to avoid squaring up to each other. This rivalry is understandable, given that it has been hammered into the DNA of politicians of the two parties over the past century. It does, however, have the potential to de-rail the government and, in the process, to squeeze the life out of the smallest of the coalition partners.

While it is not the job of the Greens to serve as peace-makers between its more combative partners, the party must insist on transparency, trust and unity of purpose from all players.

Above all, it is imperative that the Greens stick to the script, as per pre-government negotiations, and show the electorate that they can deliver.

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