Crunch time for the Greens

Green Party members from all over the island of Ireland have spent today tuned into an  all-day online Special Convention to decide whether or not the party should go into government on the basis of the draft Programme for Government. The contributions from the party’s spokespeople, TDs and councillors have been READ MORE

Karin needs your support!

There is a General Election coming, although no one is sure when exactly the government will call it. Before it is called there may be a number of by-elections, including one in Wexford. Whatever happens the Green Party is ready and waiting. Wexford Green Party candidate, Karin Dubsky, is already getting READ MORE

Karin Dubsky sets out her stall at exhibition talk

  Karin Dubsky gave a stirring talk in Wexford town last weekend when outlining her reasons for moving from activist to politician. The party announced the previous week that she had been selected to run in the upcoming Wexford by-election. “I’m honoured to be the Green Party candidate,” said Karin READ MORE

Green Party candidate Karin Dubsky to speak at Wexford festival exhibition

Karin Dubsky, the Green Party candidate in the upcoming Wexford by-election, is looking forward to speaking at a Wexford Fringe Festival exhibition in Wexford town which features the work of Hanneke van Ryswyk and Serena Caulfield.   Hanneke, based in Blackwater, is one of Wexford’s most exciting and innovative artists. Her READ MORE

Karin Dubsky to stand for Green Party

We are delighted that marine ecologist and founder of Coastwatch Europe Karin Dubsky is to stand for the Green Party in the upcoming by-election. Karin lives in Ballymoney. She is a post graduate scientist researcher, consultant and teacher. She works at the Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering in Trinity College Dublin, READ MORE


Friends of the Irish Environment is taking the Irish Government to court. This legal action  is the first case in Ireland in which citizens are seeking to hold their government accountable for its role in knowingly contributing to dangerous levels of climate change. Read all about it: READ MORE

200 million euro capital programme for Wexford

“We have taken a serious look at our County”, says Chief Executive of Wexford County Council Tom Enright, “and we have developed a range of strategic responses aimed at making Wexford a highly competitive location for business start-ups and longer term growth”. These “strategic responses” include a list of planned capital READ MORE

Climate Change: the government still doesn’t get it

Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment Denis Naughton has been getting it in the neck this week for his hopelessly lacklustre and unambitious draft National Mitigation Plan, a requirement of new climate change laws enacted two years ago. “It is clear that there are no easy options to reduce our greenhouse READ MORE

Challenges facing Rural Ireland

There’s a good article in The Irish Times today on the decline of rural areas, not just in Ireland, but all over Europe. The populations of our towns and villages, especially in the west, are shrinking. The worker-hungry Industrial Revolution saw the first great migration of people from rural areas to the cities. READ MORE

No Minister for Environment?

“How much do I love thee environment?” asks An Taoiseach Enda Kenny. “Let me count the ways” … NOT! That is why he has just done away with the Minister for Environment portfolio. Instead, we now have in Denis Naughton, a Minister for Communication, Climate Change and Natural Resources. Incidently, READ MORE

Same as it ever was!

“Same as it ever was” sang David Byrne of Talking Heads. He might well have been talking about the performance of our political leaders in the first of the pre-election Leaders’ Debates on RTE 1. The amount of populist rhetoric and selective amnesia along with over-promising, trumpet-blowing, self-praising drivel we witnessed READ MORE

Green Party Election Convention 2016

The 2016 Green Party Election Convention takes place January 16th in the Hilton Hotel, Dublin 2. We are looking forward to meeting up with fellow members and friends of the Greens and to hearing from our candidates from around the island. The day promises to be full of interesting and interactive debates. READ MORE

Ann’s Election Campaign Launch

Ann Walsh officially launches her election campaign on Friday 8th Jan at 7.15pm at the Golden Anchor in Castletown. Trevor Sargent will attend and speak. Ann herself will outline her reasons for running and detail why she believes the Green voice must be heard now more than ever.  Everyone is welcome to READ MORE

“Housing crisis emerges as single biggest election issue”, says newspaper

The Irish Times reports that, according to a survey carried out by, housing and health are the issues at the top of the list of most candidates in the upcoming General Election. Other items getting prominent mention were education, water charges, jobs and abortion. READ MORE

Minister Brendan Howlin

Minister for Public Expenditure, Brendan Howlin, says that he now regrets the government’s decision to abolish town councils. Could this be the start of the pre-election charm offensive? READ MORE

Water Charges March

The latest anti-water charges march happens in Dublin today. We will not be there. Notwithstanding the government’s ham-fisted efforts in bringing in water charges we believe that we should pay – and not a general, but a specific, tax – for the provision of potable water and the disposal of READ MORE

‘Traditional Parties Have led Ireland into the Abyss’

Here’s a link to an interesting article by Independent TD Stephen Donnelly entitled ‘Traditional Parties Have led Ireland into the Abyss’: All across Europe trust in the established parties is at an all-time low. Ireland is no exception. According to this week’s Red C poll FG is experiencing its lowest READ MORE

The End Game

So the government thought it was going to placate the masses with a relatively benign budget and what do we do? We snub our noses at it and say “too little, too late”. We cannot forgive them for asking to tighten our belts and then watch as the Irish Water story unravels. READ MORE

Food and climate change – breaking the link

We know that with the effects of climate change ever more visible and that, with current political inaction and general lack of political will, we can expect those effects to continue ever upwards we cannot continue to behave and consume as we do. Prof Timothy Lang gets the point across READ MORE

Government cutbacks means environment suffers

One of the unfortunate impacts of the government’s austerity programme is not only that standards fall but that things simply do not get done. Check the newspapers on any day and you will find examples of this in one or other sector: hospital operations not happening, medical cards not getting issued READ MORE

Elections – don’t you just love ’em!

The elections were some craic though weren’t they?  The tension, the drama, the pontificating experts, the cliff-hanger outcomes, the grey stoic faces of the vanquished, the whoops of joy from the victorious. Live theatre at its best. John Bowman was happy as a child on confirmation day, Noel Whelan was READ MORE

‘Kick up the arse’

I read in that, on the subject of the first pre-election opinion poll (the Irish Indo’s Millward Brown poll), a Fine Gael party source has described it as “a long overdue kick up the arse”. READ MORE

Wexford Resilience

We like this piece from the Future-Proof Wexford blog on the Wexford Resilience Group. The piece points out that while this group is tasked with dealing with extreme events arising, there is no group planning for ‘shocks’ which may hit in the future. COMMUNITY RESILIENCE – THINKING AHEAD READ MORE