MEP Grace O’Sullivan endorses Paula’s campaign


Wexford Green Party candidate Paula Roseingrave with MEP Grace O’Sullivan on the top floor balcony of the National Opera House, Wexford. Grace was speaking at the excellent Wexford Local Development event ‘Are We There Yet? Community Actions for Climate Justice’. 

Pauls says that she is honoured to be the Green Party candidate for Wexford. “For me it is the party best placed to bring a fresh, innovative and effective approach to the enormous challenges facing Ireland.” She particularly likes the fact that the party takes a long-term holistic approach in how it deals with policy.

As a psychologist, Paula has a good understanding of the importance of high quality mental health services in combating long term mental health problems. “Policy in this area must change, so that there are more in-patient and consultant psychiatric services, and improved primary care, with highly trained professionals providing preventative coping skills, resilience training and suicide prevention interventions for those in crisis.”

If elected she says work to achieve a root and branch overhaul of our health services. Regarding other policy areas she says “I will prioritise affordable and accessible housing and an end to homelessness; greater access to higher education and training in Wexford; a sustainable transport policy; a ‘green’ economy built on our natural land and sea resources; a climate action plan that works”.

No one can doubt Paula’s strong desire to represent Wexford people at the highest level. “This General Election comes at a critical time for Ireland and, indeed, the planet. We know that climate change affects every area of policy from economy to housing to health. We are asked to make a moral judgement about how we will tackle the huge challenges we face through radical policy restructuring. With the clock ticking Green Party input into this process is essential.”