Karin Dubsky to stand for Green Party


We are delighted that marine ecologist and founder of Coastwatch Europe Karin Dubsky is to stand for the Green Party in the upcoming by-election. Karin lives in Ballymoney. She is a post graduate scientist researcher, consultant and teacher. She works at the Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering in Trinity College Dublin, and has practical scientific and basic legal expertise in water, biodiversity, waste, planning, public participation and access to justice issues. The organisation which she helped found, Coastwatch Europe, is now a network of environmental groups and education institutions in over 20 countries, producing marine litter data from more than 10 000 sites per annum. A big believer in citizen science, Karin works with the following philosophy: informed public participation in environmental protection and management is essential. Data gathered and processed by Coastwatch volunteers was used to persuade Hi-cone to change plastic used in can six pack holders for Europe and in Ireland to help introduce the plastic bag tax. Citizen science has also played a significant part in Coastwatch’s input into the government’s Marine Spatial Plan, details of which are to be announced within weeks.

While Karin’s main focus of attention has been, and remains, the marine environment she has a passion for community and how communities function for the common good. With this passion comes a strong pragmatism which, to put it in simple terms, means she gets things done.