Green Tsunami!


The Green Party has just enjoyed its biggest success yet in a General Election, leaping from 2 seats to 12. This great result has been hard-won both at local and national levels. Full credit to party leader Eamon Ryan for keeping a steady hand on the tiller and taking the party to its strongest ever position.

Paula Roseingrave, the Wexford candidate, may have been a late entrant into Election 2020 but, together with her team, she managed to achieve a huge amount in a very short time. Karin Dubsky, our candidate in the 2019 by-election, was very generous with her time and in sharing her experiences with Paula. Paul Dubsky managed Paula’s campaign with great elan and patience. All in all, the campaign offered an opportunity for party members in Wexford to become a much more cohesive and motivated group.

A report on the Green Party’s election success.

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