Green Party enters negotiations

“Our Parliamentary Party members have carefully weighed up their options and decided to go into negotiations. They are now looking for a deal that can fulfil their mandate to deliver the Party policy, for which they campaigned during the General Election, in these changed times, as is their responsibility as duly elected officials.”

The Green Party has announced that it is formally entering negotiations regarding the formation of a new government and the possibility that the party may be a part of that government. There are strong feelings in the party for and against going into government. Will the party end up being an ineffective minority player in a coalition government in which the two bigger parties dominate, one in which the main focus will be on the economy? Or will it be part of a forward-thinking mould-breaking government that marries economic regeneration with a societal rethink and a major leap forward in environmental action?

Wexford Greens have informed party leader Eamon Ryan that we are in favour of the party going into government if, and only if, we know that our policies can be implemented. In saying this we know that the party must be careful with the policies it puts forth: they should be consistent with EU policy, agreed in advance by all parties to the negotiations and they must be realisable in a finite time frame. We must at all times get across the message that environment, society and economy are interlinked, that the pursuit of any one policy does not require the sidelining of the others.