Election Day at last

DSC_0214In our final post of the evening before Election Day, Paula Roseingrave’s Election Agent, Paul Dubsky, encourages everyone to get out and vote tomorrow. And to vote Green!

He has been genuinely impressed with how Paula has interacted with people on the campaign trail. And there is no doubt that she has made many new friends over the past couple of weeks with many especially taken with her knowledge of deficiencies in local health services and her solutions for dealing with them.
Paul says that the issues raised during the campaign, from the challenges posed by climate change to short-comings in the health services, not least pertaining to mental health, suggest that there is a genuine desire for an alternative approach to dealing with the big policy areas that impact on how we live our lives. He has no doubt that Paula has what it takes to effectively tackle these at the highest level.
We know that there is a rise nationwide in support for the Greens. We know that in some cases this will be sufficient to get a Green candidate elected, and a big increase in Green TDs is predicted, and that in all cases the size of the Green vote will send out a clear signal that we are here to stay. Maybe we will be in coalition, maybe we won’t. One thing is certain: if in government we will bring a sustainable and innovative perspective to policy formulation and, having learned the hard way, this time we won’t see our policies getting stone-walled or watered down.
Thanks to everyone all over Wexford who campaigned for Paula and thanks to everyone who stopped to chat with us along the way.
The time for talking is over now. It’s time to vote.
Please give Paula Roseingrave your No. 1 vote.