New Wexford Greens Committee in Place

Wexford Greens held its AGM this week. It was an online affair but no less exciting for all that. The new committee: Role Person Chair Bobby Lambert Secretary Kim Achari Treasurer Martin Reading Communications/PRO Killian Ormond Elections Officer Paula Roseingrave Policy Council Delegate Kamal Tribak Local Issues Officer Brendan Cahill-Flynn

Crunch time for the Greens

Green Party members from all over the island of Ireland have spent today tuned into an  all-day online Special Convention to decide whether or not the party should go into government on the basis of the draft Programme for Government. The contributions from the party’s spokespeople, TDs and councillors have been

Wexford Festival bows to the inevitable

Wexford Festival Opera has just announced that, due to the continuing impact of the pandemic, it will not be running with a physical event this year. The event will, instead, be a totally online affair starting Oct 11 and ending Oct 18. And it’s all free. This is a terrible

Wexford Resilience

We like this piece from the Future-Proof Wexford blog on the Wexford Resilience Group. The piece points out that while this group is tasked with dealing with extreme events arising, there is no group planning for ‘shocks’ which may hit in the future. COMMUNITY RESILIENCE – THINKING AHEAD

Green Party enters negotiations

“Our Parliamentary Party members have carefully weighed up their options and decided to go into negotiations. They are now looking for a deal that can fulfil their mandate to deliver the Party policy, for which they campaigned during the General Election, in these changed times, as is their responsibility as