Duncan Stewart decides not to run for Europe and gives support to Grace

Duncan Stewart has decided not to run in the upcoming European elections opting, instead, to give his full support to the Green Party’s Grace O’Sullivan. http://greenparty.ie/news?n=393

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Danny Forde to run for Council again

Danny Happy2

Green Party Councillor Danny Forde has been confirmed as the party’s sole candidate in County Wexford in the upcoming local elections. Having just completed his first term as a Councillor Danny has built up a reputation as a hard-working, no-nonsense politician.  He has been something of a reforming voice in the Council Chamber during his term. That said, the resistance to change he has found among some of his fellow Councillors has often left him wondered why they are there at all!

Councillor Forde has a number of areas he is particularly passionate about: all thing MARITIME – he wants to see our fishermen getting better support from the government and the EU; also under “maritime” he wants to see ROSSLARE HARBOUR brought into the 21st century – the neglect there has, he reckons, been criminal; supporting LOCAL FOOD PRODUCERS – they need effective local markets through which they can sell their produce and deal directly with the shopper; updating the WEXFORD TOWN & ENVIRONS DEVELOPMENT PLAN so that the area can be better prepared to deal with the improving economic climate, and, on the planning front, have effective policies in place to deal with the effects of climate change (such as increased flooding, coastal erosion); as part of development plan reforms he also wants to see greater efforts made to REJUVENATE WEXFORD’S TOWN CENTRE (incentives and reliefs for local business setup, over store living, etc); a huge fan of local music and theatre Danny welcomes the continued support the Council gives to WEXFORD ARTS CENTRE and other local arts outfits – he vows to push for even GREATER SUPPORT FOR THE ARTS; Wexford relies in a big way on TOURISM – Danny is committed to pushing for a greater commitment by the Council to this sector which still does not get the attention it merits.

Bringing tourism and matters maritime together Forde particularly wants to see renowned explorer Robert McClure commemorated in this, his home county, for his achievements in showing that the North West Passage could be sailed and for being the first person ever to circumnavigate the Americas. The obvious way to go about this, he says, is to establish a new MARITIME MUSEUM at the Ballast Office at Crescent Quay where McClure, Admiral John Barry, William Lamport and others could be honoured.

A committed ENVIRONMENTALIST, Forde vows to continue in his efforts to keep the County GM-FREE. He applauds Wexford Town’s decision to promote the importance of BIODIVERSITY though the “Let’s Bee Friendly” project. He wants to ensure that it is made as easy as possible for the county’s farmers to GROW ORGANIC – this includes providing them with market outlets for their produce.

Finally, there is one issue which has been exercising Cllr Forde over the past couple of years – the reluctance by the HSE to act to deal with a TOXIC MEDICAL WASTE DUMP on the grounds of the old County Hospital. With a number of residents living right beside this dump, and their properties prone to contamination from the dump, Forde is committed to getting the HSE to face up to approaching this mess in a responsible way.

So there you have it – that’s Cllr Danny Forde in a nutshell! If you like what you have read we ask you to give Danny your NUMBER 1.

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Wexford Tidy Towns launches “Let’s Bee Friendly” project

Bumblebee-on-thistleWexford Tidy Towns launches its “Let’s Bee Friendly” project this Thursday, April 10 at 7pm in Wexford Town Library.
“Let’s Bee Friendly” is an exciting biodiversity project, developed in association with Wexford County Council, to generate greater awareness of the importance of bees as pollinators and what we can do to make their job easier. We are reliably informed that this launch will be short and, of course, sweet! Tea/coffee served … and, one can only hope, honey waffles! Everyone is welcome to attend. www.wexfordtidytowns.com/biodiversity/bees

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Green EU candidate visits Wexford

Grace O’Sullivan, Green Party MEP candidate for Ireland South, visited Wexford last week for the first formal visit of her campaign. With a jam-packed schedule O’Sullivan hardly had time time to draw breath between meetings, walkabouts, photoshoots and a visit to the local radio station.

The popular Tramore-based environmental activist knows she has her work cut out ensuring she is first to get her nose across the finish line in her bid to get to Europe, but she says she is up for it. And, as her background shows, if there is one thing Grace relishes it is a challenge!

The mother of three is a former national surf champion greatly respected by her peers for her fearlessness and skill. No gnarly “humpback” was too big, no “tube” too long and, if she was seriously pumped, a spot of aerial “hobble bobble” was not out of the question! Far as she was concerned – the bigger and scarier the waves the better. The still super-fit Grace still takes to the waves whenever she can albeit now it is strictly for fun. With the decision to throw her hat into the political ring, and in the process enter waters which one imagines are no less shark-infested, Grace now plans on generating some waves of her own!

Having spent over ten years on Greenpeace ships, including the Rainbow Warrior (blown up by French Secret Service in NZ), Grace is an internationally renowned environmentalist. She describes her activism as fighting injustice against the environment and communities. She claims to be contesting this election to ensure that the environmental rights and concerns of her community are represented on the European stage.

While Grace may be a seasoned campaigner she is relatively new to the political game. Until the leader of the Green Party Eamonn Ryan approached her with the suggestion that she be the Green Party’s EU candidate in the Ireland South region she had not given serious thought to standing for election. By her own admission she has a pretty jaundiced view of most politicians finding them to be short-sighted, self-serving, talk-the-talk “yes” men! If she disagrees with your viewpoint she will waste no time in letting you know – even party leader Eamonn Ryan has, on occasion, found himself been put straight!

It is this refreshing straight-talking honesty and continuous striving for sustainable solutions that Grace hopes will get her to Europe and will stand to her when she gets there. Deeply principled and hard-working she hopes to use her lifetime of environmental campaigning and activism as a springboard to ensure that Ireland South is properly represented in Europe.

While in Wexford she met a couple of dynamic and influential women who have altered, for the better, the arts and cultural scene in Wexford. Elizabeth Whyte, CEO of Wexford Arts Centre, brought Grace up to speed on the current state of the arts in Wexford and how the Arts Centre is making a difference. The Blue Egg Gallery’s Mary Gallagher explained how her small-is-beautiful, focus-on-excellence and attention-to-detail approach has helped her gallery achieve the success it has.

Grace, accompanied by Green Councillor Danny Forde, engaged with a number of business people on her walkabout hearing of issues that, at this stage, we in Wexford all know so well. She was able to tell them that the same issues are evident everywhere she goes from Kerry to Waterford and from Clare to Wicklow. Protecting the high street and helping indigenous industries are a priority for O’Sullivan.

The morning itinerary included a trip to Wexford Opera House where Grace met staff and was given a guided tour of the World famous theatre. The view from the top floor over Wexford Harbour led to Grace bringing her retinue for a stroll along Wexford’s fabulous quay front. Her eagle eyes were drawn to the flood barriers at the rear of Shaws. She surmised that, given projected rises in sea level over the remaining years of this century, they might just be high enough to keep out the worst of the storms.

From there Grace, along with fellow Green Trevor Sargent, went on to join Alan Corcoran at South East Radio. A wide-ranging interview covered everything from clean energy, to “green” jobs, low standards in high places, shoddy political practise, and how the present government has undone much of the good brought in by the Greens in government. The party’s poor performance in the last general election was, of course, raised and dealt with in very strong terms by the former Minister for Food. Mr Sargent said that, unlike other parties, we have the courage of our convictions and are not afraid to put country before party. That, he said, is why the Greens agreed to enter government and why they subsequently paid such a heavy price. He went on to say that FG and Labour could, if they had wished formed a government coalition back then but they, putting party before country, declined to do so.

Both O’Sullivan and Sargent felt that the party was now resurgent and winning back support. Sargent spoke about the need to focus, now more than ever, on clean energy and environment even as we strive to create more jobs. Grace O’Sullivan spoke about how much she has been influenced by her campaigning days with Greenpeace, and especially how her eyes were opened during her time in the Arctic Circle. She intimated that with her track record, knowledge and zeal the region could be sure of a strong voice in Europe.

Interview over Grace and Trevor Sargent met with traders at the Farmers’ Market and The Bullring Market. Needless to say she was as happy as a pig in manure to both places, as was Sargent, as both are big supporters of locally produced organic foods and crafts. Cue photoshoot!

Grace’s final engagement of the day was a meeting, accompanied by Cllr Forde, with residents of Glenbrook estate who have, for some time, been pushing for official action to be taken on an illegal and potentially hazardous medical dump on the nearby grounds of the old hospital (see piece at www.wexfordgreenparty.com). She promised to do what she could to get the authorities to treat this matter with the urgency which it requires.

Grace O’Sullivan returns to Wexford later this month.




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Glenbrook residents fear for their health because of old hospital dump

Glenbrook Estate lies in the shadow of the old Wexford hospital. Unfortunately for its residents it also sits right next to a dump they did not know about  on the old hospital grounds. Suffice to say that they know now! Those residents whose houses back on to the dump have found various medical waste items in the soil. And analysis has shown up dangerously high levels of toxins in soil samples tested. Are they concerned? You bet they are – you certainly would not want to be eating carrots grown in those gardens. It would appear that the authorities have not been bending over backwards to meet this matter head on and deal with what looks like a potentially hazardous situation. The Green Party’s EU candidate Grace O’Sullivan joined Cllr Danny Forde at an on-site meeting with residents last Friday. She was genuinely shocked, and moved, at what they had to tell her. She has vowed to do whatever she can to progress the matter and arrive at a satisfactory solution.


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Green’s EU candidate, Grace O’Sullivan, checks out flood defences in Wexford

danny, grace, trevor at barrier

Grace O’Sullivan, Green Party candidate for Europe in Ireland South, joins Cllr Danny Forde and Trevor Sargent at a retail unit’s flood barrier on Wexford’s quay front. Look at the height of it! Yet three of the highest recorded tides in the port of Wexford have happened in the past 15 years.  So perhaps those flood barriers need to be that high. Next time you drive along the quays in Wexford keep an eye out for these barriers and let the efforts of this one retailer pause and wonder if, as sea levels continue to rise, we may yet be looking to the Dutch for much more extensive flood controls along our water front.

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Grace O’Sullivan is the Green Party’s EU candidate in Ireland South

graceGrace O’Sullivan is the Green Party MEP candidate in Ireland South.  The popular Tramore-based eco-activist knows she has a tough job crossing the line first but she is up for it. And anyone that knows her knows that this is a gal who likes a challenge!

The mother of three is a former national surf champion. Far as she was concerned – the bigger waves the better. Now she plans on generating some waves of her own!

Having spent over ten years on Greenpeace ships, including the Rainbow Warrior, Grace is an internationally renowned environmentalist. She describes her activism as fighting injustice against the environment and communities, and is contesting this election to ensure that the environmental rights and concerns of her community are represented on the European stage.

Grace represents those who hope for a better future that is supported by sustainable principles, and she hopes to use her lifetime of environmental education and activism in supporting Irish people and Green issues.

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Green Party feeling confident following successful convention

There was a great sense of renewed optimism at the recent Green Party convention held in Dublin. If we can take even a hint of this with us on the election trail we should be looking good in May. Bring it on!

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Wexford that bit smaller following recent storms

While the west of the country got absolutely hammered during the recent storms Wexford also finds itself counting the cost with major coastal erosion all along our coast. Green councillor Danny Forde was shocked at the damage inflicted on the dune systems from north of the county right down to Ballinesker. His Facebook page links to a brilliant but shocking series of pictures www.macodaphoto.com .  Danny features in the current issue of the Wexford Echo speaking on the subject. Don’t see a link to the article on The Echo website yet. There is, however, a piece there by Dan Walsh looking at the potential costs resulting from the storms:  www.wexfordecho.ie/2014/01/13/north-wexford-storm-damage-bill-region-e1-million

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No Incinerator for Poolbeg

The government has just stated that Poolbeg in Dublin will definitely not be getting an incinerator. So €100m later and years of bullyboy tactics by Dublin City Council the penny has dropped. Our own John Gormley, as Minister for Environment, repeatedly pointed out the folly of this proposed incinerator and the undemocratic way in which it was been foisted on the people of Poolbeg. At the same time he was responsible for getting Ireland to get serious about recycling domestic waste so that now most of us use green and brown bins along with our non-recyclables waste bin. The decision to introduce those recycling facilities came at the same time that Labour, Fine Gael and Fianna Fail voted for incineration. What those other parties didn’t expect was that Irish people would take to recycling in such a way that there was no need in the end for the incinerator. The decision not to go with this incinerator marks a small but important victory for common sense and sustainability over short-term thinking and improper bureaucratic control. The Green Party’s Malcolm Noonan is delighted that we have finally begun to see the light on how we deal with our waste saying “We cannot burn away our waste problem or export it”.  He goes on to say that “our waste stream is a valuable resource and we can create sustainable employment if we develop waste solutions which are also environmentally responsible. We have the technological know-how to extract valuable metals and other high value items, while organic waste can be used to provide materials which support agriculture and energy policy. ”

While we welcome the decision not to proceed with the Poolbeg incinerator we know from the current controversy over the humungous consultancy fees paid out by Irish Water that old habits die hard. And the media has been having a field day reminding us of other similar abuses of public monies. Here is just one example from The Examiner: http://www.irishexaminer.com/viewpoints/ourview/public-spending–scandalous-waste-of-our-money-244778.html

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Farewell to Niamh

Wexford Greens are sad to see New Ross Councillor Niamh Fitzgibbon leave our ranks. Niamh has just announced that she will be running for Fine Gael in the upcoming local elections. We realise that this must have been a difficult decision for Niamh to have to make as she has been a very active and loyal Green Party member up to now.  The Green Party’s loss is Fine Gael’s gain. Niamh is a hardworking grass-roots politician and we are sure that, regardless of which colours she is wearing, she will serve her constituents well.

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Our Leader is not happy with Labour!

  Green Party leader Eamon Ryan is not happy. Of Labour in power he has this to say: “Broken promises and missed opportunities”.
  Over the last two and a half years, he says the Labour Party has had to break every false promise they made to the Irish people about what they would do if they were to form a government. “The most obvious of these is their faithful adoption of the economic strategy that had been set out by the previous administration and their careful adherence to implementing it line by line. Their worst deceit has been to victimise and single out the young people of this country, who have borne the brunt of increased college fees and slashed grants, savage social welfare cuts, and the abject failure of Labour to provide any substantial protection to our education system while they are in power.”
  He goes on to say that Labour has no desire, and has made no effort, to reform our tainted and inefficient political and administrative systems. As regards the huge energy and climate challenges facing us Labour, he says, is happy to continue in a “Crisis? What crisis?” mode. 
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The Girl Against Fluoride

calendar_bannerAisling FitzGibbon, aka ‘The Girl Against Fluoride’, is taking legal action against the Irish Government to end the policy of mandatory water fluoridation of public water supplies.  Despite the fact that there is a growing body of scientific evidence pointing to the harmful effects caused by ingesting fluoride the Irish government has just said, again, that it has no intention of doing anything about a practise which it considers to be safe and in the best interest of the people.  As Aisling says “we are one of the world’s sickest nations” thanks to fluoridation of our water especially when it comes to diseases such as dementia and alzheimers.  And this does not look like changing any time soon as the three main parties – FF, FG and Labour – are all in favour of the current policy. Aisling plans on going all the way to the High Court with her case. She reckons that carries a price tag of around €30k. You can help by visiting her site and buying one of her Girl Against Fluoride Naked Calendars. You can also buy a reverse osmosis water filter through a link on her site and she gets a portion of the fee.  http://www.thegirlagainstfluoride.com

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Dáil passes first stage of bill to abolish town councils

TDS voted today in favour of a bill to abolish town councils. The Local Government Bill merges town councils into county councils. This means that Wexford Borough Council, and the various town councils throughout the county, will soon be no more. Consider this: the first Charter of Wexford Town on record is that granted in 1317 by Aymer de Valence. Much water has passed under the bridge since then. And when our Charter is ungranted the water will continue to flow under the bridge. Into the wild unchartered waters beyond.

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Pylons – Blot on the Landscape

pylonsParts of rural Ireland are up in arms at the prospect of an army of huge pylons running through the countryside. Co Wexford in particular has reason to be concerned as the company charged with the task of delivering additional power infrastructure plans to bring power lines north from the power station at Great Island up by New Ross and on up by Bunclody. As things stand EirGrid plans to run these high-power lines between pylons endeavouring, where possible, not to get to close to houses. While the World Health Organisation says that there are “no substantive health issues involved” (from radiation) I know that I would not be happy to have these power lines anywhere within an ass’s roar of me.  The fact that the proposed pylons will disfigure beautiful unspoilt areas of the county goes against efforts to further exploit Wexford’s reputation as  a favourite with tourists. Many people along the proposed routes are also concerned about the negative impact on property values. In fact there are some near Bunclody who feel particularly aggrieved that that they are being asked to take pylons in the neighbourhood having already been the recipients of enormous wind turbines.

EirGrid says that this massive €500 million “Grid Link Project” is something which will bring long-term energy and economic benefits to the country.  The project, which links the national electricity grid between Leinster and Munster, “consists of a new high voltage overhead power line linking Knockraha in Co. Cork to Great Island in Co. Wexford to Dunstown, near Kilcullen, in Co. Kildare ensuring a reliable and high quality electricity supply for homes, farms and businesses in the south and east region for the future”. The benefits, they say, include:
• Helping to secure a future electricity supply for Leinster and Munster
• Providing a platform for job creation in the south and east of Ireland
• Helping to enable Ireland meet its 40% renewable electricity target
• Facilitating possible electricity links with either Britain or France.

The deadline for submissions was Nov 26, 2013.

Read this: http://www.irishexaminer.com/ireland/special-report-contentious-eirgrid-500m-gridlink-pylon-plan-250608.html

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Concerned about the health effects of smart meters?

radiowaves signAre you worried about the potential negative health effects of the new smart water meters? Don’t be! The RF waves emitted by the devices are relatively weak, and are only emitted for those moments when information is being transmitted. Besides which the devices are too far away from houses for you to be able to pick up anything. If you are concerned about RF radiation you might start by having a look at your mobile phone usage, and how you use it. While officially the jury is still out on the harm the use of cellular phones can cause (brain tumours, cancer) the advice is that one should avoid having one stuck to the side of one’s head for prolonged periods. For more info on the subject: http://www.cancer.org/cancer/cancercauses/othercarcinogens/athome/smart-meters .

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Support your local producers market


If you do nothing else this week make sure you make a trip to your local food and craft producers market. Every Friday morning the Bullring Market in Wexford town comes alive with discerning foodies and lovers of locally made crafts. Chemical-free food? Check. Absence of air-miles? Check. Value for money and service with a smile? Check Check! While you browse be sure to grab a java at Una’s – best in town.  Around the corner at the rear of St Iberius Church there is a smaller market where you can pick up delicious quiches and pastries, including a favourite in our house – gluten-free coconut  slices.

tasty pastries

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Explore the North Wexford Coast with Coastwatch

Coastwatch has a medium-challenge guided coastal walk coming up on Oct 28 (1pm-3.30pm) with sea weed collection and/or coastal treasure hunt (participants decide!). The aim is to have fun and explore the N. Wexford coastal riches, especially the rock formations and wildlife around low tide. Leader is marine biologist, lecturer and experienced field trip leader. Bring own picnic to eat on route, a bag for seaweed and drift wood and warm clothes with boots, or old shoes which can get wet. In case of bad weather an indoor seashore crafts option will be available on the 28th. Meet at Ballymoney beach car park, near Gorey, Co. Wexford. Tickets: €10/€5 conc. Fundraiser for Coastwatch. Suitable for children. Please register by 20th Oct. Contact Karin – Tel 086 8111684.

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We are voting NO!


Just so you know, we are voting NO next Friday to the referendum on abolishing the Seanad. The government says the Seanad should be abolished, we say it should be reformed. Poet Theo Dorgan has a very good article on the matter in this weekend’s Irish Times (Sept 28). He hits the nail on the head when he says that the government likes its power to be of the autocratic kind, getting close to, if nor quite arriving at, “una duce, una voce”. Just look at what happened those TDs who, over the past year, refused to follow the whip – a case of Enda Kenny saying “Boys, it’s my way or the highway”. Theo Dorgan outlines how a group of four decides on what you can and cannot say and tells you how you are going to vote on any issue. This group of four, in essence, carries out the wish of the Taoiseach, the all-powerful-he-who-brooks-no-dissent figure at the top of the pyramid. Does that sound like democracy to you? The suggestion that functions presently carried out by the Seanad – those not gotten rid of – would pass to Dáil committees simply does not hold up. Those committees will always give the answer that’s expected of them … or else!
Green Party Leader Eamon Ryan has said: “The Taoiseach’s proposal for abolishing the Seanad is a short-sighted non-fix of our political system which is broken and in great need of reform; abolishing the Seanad will leave us merely with a dysfunctional Dáil … This matter should have been sent to the constitutional convention for in-depth consideration … The Taoiseach’s implication that abolishing this house will address the misguided ways of the Celtic Tiger is pure populism.” The fact that the Taoiseach has stated that if the people vote against getting rid of the Senate then nothing further will be done is not just stupid, it’s insulting.
We are voting NO to the abolition of the Seanad and we encourage you to do likewise. We say to the government: give us an upper house that is truly representative of the people, one that works. And stop looking for populist knee-jerk fixes that takes power from the many and puts it in the hands of the very few.

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Another Successful Point Festival at Carne

Carne Beach was buzzing with intellectual activity and environmental-friendly merry-making for this year’s Point Festival (Aug 23-25). This unique event attracted European politicians, energy experts, climatologists, environmentalists, film makers, musicians, comedians (and belly-dancers!) for a weekend of lively debate and friendly banter.
The Point Festival is the brain-child of the Green Foundation Ireland (GFI), an independent organisation which wants to see us move towards a more ecological and sustainable future.
It is no accident that they have chosen this area as the location for this annual festival: Carnsore will forever be known as the site proposed for Ireland’s first nuclear power plant back in the late 70s. There were huge anti-nuclear protest gatherings here in 1978 and ’79. The nuclear plant never materialised. Instead Carnsore now hosts a wind farm.
This year’s festival opened on Friday evening with a discussion on the current status of the nuclear industry. Chaired by former MEP Nuala Ahern, the main speaker of the evening was Fr Seán McDonagh, author of “Fukushima – The Death Knell for Nuclear Energy?”. While this may have started the weekend on a rather serious note funny man Albie Philbin Bowman was not long in introducing a touch of levity to proceedings: his off-the-wall and hilariously funny exhortation to all to join the campaign to fight “Terrorist Weather” had them rolling in the aisles! Local rock, blues ‘n’ funk band “the submersibles” kept the party going into the wee small hours.
The main session on Saturday dealt with the main topic of the weekend “Jobs, Democracy and Europe: The Failure of Politics?”. Under the chairmanship of Catalonian green politician Mar Garcia the discussion focused on why current political systems across Europe are not providing us with meaningful, or sufficient, employment. MEP Jean Lambert (UK) and Green Party leader Eamon Ryan both spoke on the subject as did Wexford business man, and former Chairman of Wexford Festival Opera, Peter Scallan. Indeed it was the latter who meentioned the need for a major re-branding by green organisations if they are to continue to have significance in a more ecologically aware world. This session also looked at the dangers of nationalism re-asserting itself across Europe as dissatisfaction with EU institutions rises.
Another highlight of the weekend was a discussion on “New Europe / Old Europe” and the challenges that a larger EU faces in a World where the balance of power shows signs of shifting.
There were workshops throughout the weekend on worker cooperatives, jobs in the renewable energy sector, and using music for campaigning. The latter was particularly popular featuring, as it did, the great American folk singer Jim Page flown in directly from Seattle for the weekend. Page, along with Sean Ó Donaile and madcap singer and chess lover Una O Boyle, entertained listeners with an engaging mix of story and song.
A highlight of the Saturday programme was a nature walk around Lady’s Island led by naturalist Jim Hurley. His infectious love for this beautiful area so rich in natural resources did more than any tourism promotion could ever do to promote this beautiful corner of the county.
Saturday evening was kick back and relax time as hot food, cold beverages and great entertainment were served up for all ages. The crew from Red Moon Theatre had a busy programme in place for younger folk. The much loved Cáca Milis Cabaret travelled from its usual residency at Wexford Arts Centre and, under the baton of the glamorous Helena Mulkerns, it laid on the usual eclectic programme much to the delight of the large audience. There was music, belly-dancing, short films and stories. The music side of the programme really impressed: young Americana-flavoured folksters, The Ocelots, continue to grow in stature; ever versatile street bawler Geoff Morrison was a scream; the always impressive Leni Morrison gave one of her final shows before heading to The States to record her new album; there was a cameo appearance by the always entertaining Una O’Boyle (formerly of the band Hyper(borea)) who led the house in a rousing singing of “Down to the River to Pray”; special guest Eleanor McEvoy pushed all the right buttons with her rendition of “Eve of Destruction”, duetting with MC Helena Mulkerns on Joni Mitchell’s “Big Yellow Taxi”, before finishing with a real crowd-pleaser in her own “A Woman’s Heart”. Jim Page delivered a stunning set made up largely by songs from his most recent album Ghost Bikes. He also shared the stage for a few numbers with hot local act Corner Boy much to the delight of the audience.
The festival wrapped up Sunday morning following a dip in the sea, a recuperative breakfast and a chat about Europe and its woes.

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