Big Brother really is watching

So now we know that the US military is using PRISM to record and archive all the private communications of European citizens through Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Skype and Apple. Then again this outrageous, indiscriminate and un-American infringement of personal liberty is all for the greater good. That’s ok then. NOT.
As Green Party Digital Spokesperson Ossian Smyth says: “Terrorists will not be affected by this program – unless Al Qaeda have started planning missions by Facebook messaging and Gmail. This measure is only going to drive those people onto Virtual Private Networks that are now growing and cannot be screened.
The real victims of this campaign are European as well as American private citizens and businesses. In the past, the NSA used data from the Echelon spy programme for industrial espionage, helping US companies compete unfairly against European firms. The blanket capture and archiving of all the data of private European citizens makes a joke of our data protection laws.
“If US datacentres and networks cannot be trusted than internet services offered to Europeans should not be mirrored to US sites. The Data protection commissioner should ensure that EU private communications data hosted in Irish datacentres is not being replicated to the US.”

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