Well done Galway Greens on a great Convention

We are just back from a very successful Convention 2013 in wild and windy Salthill. Inspirational talks and discussions, good motions, meeting up with old friends, and looking forward to a re-energised GP stepping up to the plate again. While every news bulletin this weekend may have been reporting on another party gathering in neighbouring County Mayo we were happy to go about our business out of the limelight. Inspirational speakers like Duncan Stewart, Manchan Magan and Brendan Dunford delivered excellent thought-provoking speeches, challenging us to think outside the box and to “be the difference”. Food Spokesman Seamus Sheridan brought together a great panel for his discussion on food, its provenance and availability, and the people who produce it. What we need is nothing short of a revolution, “a quiet revolution”. Are you ready!

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