National Convention, April 12-14, 2013

We are very much looking forward to the annual Green Party convention in Galway this weekend. There is a very positive air in the party right now with membership numbers on the rise and lots of good policies coming together. Expect the party to pick up even more steam as we move closer to next year’s local elections. Convention is always a very sociable occasion with great chat, laughter and, or course, porter. We have a couple of good guest speakers this year. I am looking to hearing writer, journalist and broadcaster Manchán Magan speaking about how groups and communities are using creative initiatives to build their local economies sustainably. No less of a draw is Mr Hardhat himself, Duncan Stewart who will be chairing a discussion on renewable energy as part of the Green economy. Seamus Sheridan will be there too, the man who has done more to introduce food lovers up and down the country to all manner of smelly cheeses and gourmet delights. Seamus, Green Party Spokesman for Food “is bringing together a panel comprised of a Michelin starred chef, a friendly farmer, a Teagasc researcher and an IFA spokesperson to discuss whether it is now time to embrace the green ethos and create an agricultural economy that could keep rural Ireland vibrant and successful”.

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