Green Party Not To Take Sides in Referendum

At the recent party convention held in Kilkenny, a majority, 61.2%, of Green Party members voted in favour of a yes vote in the upcoming Stability Treaty referendum. As this is short of the 2/3 majority required for policy change the party will not be taking any position on the referendum. The levels of frustration among speakers, both for and against the motion, pretty much mirrors that found up and down the country. There was criticism of the Left’s inability to deal in real numbers; there was criticism of the Right for having gotten us into this mess in the first place; and there was anger directed towards that political party, our erstwhile partners in government, many blame for fanning the fires of the current crisis through their lack of proper leadership and regulation. Party leader Eamonn Ryan spoke of the need for a “new politics” across Europe, one that “nurtures a co-operative instinct” going beyond traditional left/right models.

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