12 Months of FG/Lab Government, 12 Ways Ireland is Less Green

Green Party leader Eamon Ryan says that “For every month this Government has been in office they have found ways to make our country less Green.” He goes on to say that “At a time when Governments across the world are starting to see the economic sense in going green, Labour and Fine Gael are stuck with an outdated view of the world. They seem to relish undoing some of the progressive measures the Green Party progressed in Government, as if to score a political point and prove their old fashioned conservative credentials.”

The list of reversals is long but here is Eamon Ryan’s top twelve from the first year:
1 Climate Change legislation ditched while they watch the flood waters rise.
2 They are digging for GMO potatoes and giving up our food marketing advantage in Europe.
3 Out of town Shopping Centres ……. bring them on says big Phil Hogan.
4 Ocean energy and microgeneration supports dropped, …..sure haven’t we lots of turf left.
5. Changing the tax rules to punish people who are doing the right thing.
6 Directly elected Mayor for Dublin, …… no let the bureaucracy reign.
7 Site Value taxation swapped for the most bungled introduction of a property tax ever.
8 Tax breaks for home insulation axed, along with thousands of retrofit construction jobs.
9 Public transport budget savaged – Government takes easy option to cut capital ahead of current.
10 The review into improper planning abandoned – same old Fine Gael – always rezoning.
11 Moriarty tribunal safely gathering dust with the other papers on the Government’s reform shelf.
12 School children pay the price for across the board cuts rather than work practice change.

And there is more to come – college fees, incinerators, water privitisation, over-fishing, fracking, sale of ESB and BGE, pay to view your Irish teams on TV.

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