Wexford No Nukes Motion Is Passed

Councillor Danny Forde was delighted that a no nukes motion he put down at the most recent Wexford Borough Council meeting was passed unanimously. Here is the the motion:
“That this Council, in light of the potentially catastrophic danger to public health posed by various nuclear reactors in Japan;
Renews it opposition to UK Government plans to build 5 new nuclear power stations along the Irish Sea in Britain
Calls on the Minister of the Environment to voice strong concern to his UK counterpart, in the strongest possible terms
Calls on the appropriate Departments to take further legal steps confirming Ireland’s status as a Nuclear Free State
Replace the “Nuclear Free Town” signage which informed Wexford town visitors of our Nuclear Free status.
Renews its lapsed membership of the NFLA (Nuclear Free Local Authorities)
If this motion is adopted I request that it be circulated to other Local Authorities in Ireland for their support.
NOTE: The Nuclear Free signage referred to were positioned on the side of all main entry roads to Wexford Town up to several years ago.
The motion basically reaffirms Wexford’s long standing anti nuclear policy and commits to NFLA membership.

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