Greens Re-gather and Re-focus

Over 300 Green Party members from all over the country gathered in Dublin last weekend for one big self-analysis session: “who am i?”, “where am I coming from?” and “where am I going?”. We looked into the tea leaves, we scrutinized the entrails, and we delved searchingly deep into the core of our well-cultivated being. We asked “what went wrong?”, “what could we have done differently?” and again and again “where to now for the Greens?”. Underpining proceedings was a sense of the need for steadfastness in the face of adversity. The Greens will not go the way of the PDs. We have come to far for that and, besides, our ideology and beliefs are too strong to let that happen. It’s back to basics time. Just because the Greens are out of office doesn’t mean that the increasaingly important green agenda must fall into abeyance. We will re-focus on our communities and begin the process of rebuilding the party from the grass-roots up. We will have candidates in every constituency in the 2014 local elections, good strong candidates. We will have candidates in the next General Election and they will not just win back the seats we lost this time out but win new seats in the next Dail. We will continue to sell our message of the importance to the country of how good governance, on the one hand, and corruption, poor vision and general inefficiency, on the other, do not and cannot go together. We will continue to push for the “greening” of the economy and of the need for more sustainable policies across the board. We will encourage those parties now in government to push ahead with policies which the Greens introduced in the last government. While things may look relatively gloomy for the Greens right now the party has very strong core beliefs and is very strongly driven to continue with the work begun in the last government. Nils desperandum!

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