Wexford Greens Get Back To Basics

At its most recent meeting the Green Party in Wexford spent some time reflecting on the party’s performance in the General Election. Why had the party gotten such an unmerciful mauling? What long term damage might there be from our associating with the most unpopular FF regime in the history of the state? Was our time in government worth it – what did we achieve? And so on. There was a general feeling that, having been on the receiving end of a short sharp shock, we are now starting to see a softening in public attitudes towards the party. Our integrity and ethical soundness are unquestioned. There is even ackowledgement that we introduced some good policy that, but for us, would never have seen the light of day. We may have failed to return a single TD to the Dáil and we may have dropped below the vital 2% of total votes which qualifies us, as a party, for basic funding. However, given the strength of the Green ideology, we are in no danger of going the way of the PDs. Mindful of this, Wexford Greens have decided to focus on getting back to basics and re-establishing a connection with the people and communities around us. We feel that this process will allow us to become stronger and more effective as an organisation and, even in opposition, better able to serve our constituents. Party leader John Gormley said: “We believe that a Green voice in Irish politics is essential to hold others to account, to push the reform and change agenda – to renew Ireland.” We want to work to make that voice heard again.

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