Karin Dubsky sets out her stall at exhibition talk


IMG_0063Karin Dubsky gave a stirring talk in Wexford town last weekend when outlining her reasons for moving from activist to politician. The party announced the previous week that she had been selected to run in the upcoming Wexford by-election.

“I’m honoured to be the Green Party candidate,” said Karin speaking at a Wexford Fringe Festival art exhibition. A well-known environmentalist and educator, Karin is best known as the co-founder of Coastwatch Europe. In the past she has been instrumental in a number of environmental initiatives, including her work in helping to bring in the plastic bag levy and legislation and smoky coal. More recently she has contributed to the National Marine Planning Framework.

Why the decision to run now? “It is time to stop nibbling at the heels and hoping to have some influence on policy,” she said. “It is time to make a difference from within as a legislator. Moving into politics for me is about showcasing the issues I care about, and working towards getting meaningful action around climate and the environment across the political spectrum.”

Ireland South MEP Grace O’Sullivan congratulated Karin on her decision to run. A committed marine activist herself she spoke of her own time on the high seas with Greenpeace and her decision to enter politics. “Politics affects everything we do,” she said. “You cannot ignore it. If you want to effect change you must get involved in the political process.”

The exhibition at which Karin spoke features the work of Hanneke van Ryswyk, Serena Caulfield, Liam O’Rourke and Anne Martin Walsh. Hanneke, who is based in Blackwater, spoke of the influence of her marine environment on her work. Her work ‘focuses on the geological evidence of our imprint on land and sea, and the influence of climatic change’.

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