200 million euro capital programme for Wexford

“We have taken a serious look at our County”, says Chief Executive of Wexford County Council Tom Enright, “and we have developed a range of strategic responses aimed at making Wexford a highly competitive location for business start-ups and longer term growth”.

These “strategic responses” include a list of planned capital investments across the county designed to make Wexford a more attractive county in which to work, live and play. The CEO is to be commended on taking the bull by the horns in terms of taking steps to jump-start the local economy rather than waiting for national agencies to take a lead. The hope is that those agencies, including the IDA, will build on the momentum which the proposed projects will generate with big gains in net inward investment, especially foreign direct investment. Our hope is that Wexford will attract new business, expand the tourism sector and carry through on the proposed big infrastructural improvements. At the same time we will do our utmost to ensure that sustainable development is high on the agenda at all times and that the environment is not compromised for the sake of development.


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