Climate Change: the government still doesn’t get it

Denis Naughton

Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment Denis Naughton has been getting it in the neck this week for his hopelessly lacklustre and unambitious draft National Mitigation Plan, a requirement of new climate change laws enacted two years ago. “It is clear that there are no easy options to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions on the scale required in the coming decades”, said Naughton as if to excuse the toothless effort of a plan, one to which the Green Party and environmental NGOs have given a big thumbs-down. The Minister even blamed the Greens for his failure to come up with a clear and workable plan saying that the targets they set when in government were unrealistic. At a time when governments all over the planet are being asked to raise the bar when it comes to tackling climate change and the challenges it presents, Minister Naughton feels he is serving the state by bucking this trend. Maybe it is unfair to single him out as, when it comes to long-term sustainable steps to tackle climate change and environmental degradation, the record of this government has been abysmal.

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