Green TD attacks parties for putting politics ahead of country

Catherine Martin

New Green Party TD Catherine Martin made her maiden speech in the Dáil today. And what a speech. She focused on something that has been exercising the national media for the past 47 days and she said what most of the country has been thinking: “How can the current strangulation of representative democracy, a choking of the workings of Dáil Éireann be in the national interest? This reckless approach cares little for tackling the unprecedented crisis of homelessness, the escalating rental crisis, hospital waiting lists and climate justice.” She let the two biggest parties in the Dáil have it for their failure to act responsibly and do what’s best for the country rather than playing silly games. “Government formation should not be hijacked by self-serving party political concerns. The people are sovereign, they have spoken and especially in the context of the current fragility of the Irish economic recovery.” Certainly the actions of the two big parties must give the Greens reason to be nervous about throwing in their lot with either. Neither Catherine Martin or her fellow Green TD, party leader John Gormley, has yet given any indication that they are prepared to be part of any minority government. Like most of the independents they first want to see the two main parties arriving at some sort of consensus.

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