‘This election is make or break for the Green Party’

Good article by Cara Augustenborg in today’s Indo. The current outgoing Dáil was much the poorer for not having a green voice. The so called establishment parties (on the right, less right and centre!) have barely a word to say on climate change and how we should prepare to deal with it. The government has chosen to take the well-trodden path of economic success above all (even if some economists have questioned whether our recent economic gains have been achieved despite and not because of government policy). The motley and multi-hued independent TDs appear to suffer from the same blissful ignorance on the subject of climate change. Some of the latter may have done some good highlighting abuses of power and dodgy goings-on  but that’s about as far as it goes. It really is time to have a strong voice in the Dáil trumpeting the need for all those ignored alternatives: sustainable development, the need for resilience in our policies and our planning, re-introducing the concept of inter-connectedness back into our communities.


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