So where does the Green Party stand on the 8th Amendment?

In the Green Party, positions such as these are agreed by a 66% vote of our members. In the past, the Green Party has had no position on repeal or otherwise of the 8th amendment.

At our most recent convention (2016), it was resolved that the party would take a position. We are advocating the repeal of the 8th amendment and to legislate that the question of whether to terminate a pregnancy be left to those closest to decide in certain cases. Those are in cases of fatal foetal abnormality, endangerment to the health/life of the mother, and of rape.

This change in position came about following events of the past few years. As a consequence of these events, many pro-life members of the party no longer believe that the 8th amendment is beneficial to either mothers, families or the unborn.

Many in the party still do assert that the only way to protect the unborn is by maintaining the 8th amendment. As a party, we respect different views and assert the right of everyone to be heard. The party has a policy of allowing elected members to abstain from voting where they disagree with party position on matters of conscience. We have a policy of allowing candidates for election to state their own views while stressing the party position.

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