Politicians should not be let within an ass’s roar of anything to do with planning

There is more than sufficient evidence to show that our politicians, national and local, cannot be trusted to deliver proper implementation of planning policy. The Celtic Tiger years particularly brought this to the fore. Consider this: tax breaks (to encourage you to build for speculative rather than local needs); putting major, often controversial, infrastructural projects above the normal planning process; poor, and in cases reckless, zoning; a total, and again often reckless, lack of will to stick to the National Spatial Strategy; ditto, at a county level, to Development Plans; interference with the planning process at a local level. Much of the terrible flooding happening all over the country this Winter is attributable to bad planning along with an ongoing lack of sustainable management of the natural environment.

I wonder could we farm the job of running┬áthe country’s planning department out to the Germans? Actually maybe ask them to come in and run the whole show!





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