Taoiseach places his own self-preservation above all else

There is a well written opinion piece, “Fennelly highlights ruthlessness of the Taoiseach when the chips are down”, in The Wexford People this week (link below). I presume it is in all the other local and regional newspapers in the INM group also. The thrust of the article is that, whenever it looks like rough waters ahead for the government or, more specifically An Taoiseach, every effort will be made to smooth those same waters, regardless of who gets hurt in the process. So the Garda Commissioner’s head is delivered on a plate, a Minister for Justice resigns, a senior Justice Dept figure exits the stage … and the man at the top continues serenely on his way. The last line talks of “how messy and Taoiseach-centred the running of the country is when the chips are down”. The fact that rural crime is at an all-time high or that morale in An Garda Suíochána is at an all-time low really does not matter.


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