Nuclear Power? No thanks Minister!

Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources Alex White decided to end the old year on a low by pushing the nuclear power option back onto the agenda. We could say “Fair enough so: let’s look at nuclear power, let’s compare it with the alternatives and let’s go for the solution which offers the country a clean, safe, reliable, renewable and cost-effective form of energy”. But you know what? One cannot help feeling that if the government cannot go about the task of putting in place a system to provide the public with a clean, safe, reliable and cost-effective supply of potable water without pushing the country to the edge of open rebellion can they be trusted to get stuck into the nuclear power issue.

Green Party Energy Spokesperson Ossian Smith says: “The last few years have been disastrous for our energy development. Instead of promoting a cost-effective and homegrown renewable energy industry, the Government have been chasing pipe dreams and hesitating on pivotal decisions. Any debate on energy policy needs to recognise that genuine community gain must be at the heart of developing our resources. We need to debate more than just how we generate power, looking also at ownership of assets and distribution networks, and how profits are returned to communities.

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