‘Traditional Parties Have led Ireland into the Abyss’

Here’s a link to an interesting article by Independent TD Stephen Donnelly entitled ‘Traditional Parties Have led Ireland into the Abyss’: http://stephendonnelly.ie/traditional-parties-have-led-ireland-into-the-abyss-a-new-party-can-help-rescue-it

All across Europe trust in the established parties is at an all-time low. Ireland is no exception. According to this week’s Red C poll FG is experiencing its lowest ever Red C poll rating (22%). Labour is at 8% and FF 18%. SF is up to 22% while the Greens are up 1% to 3%. Inds/Others are at a massive 22%.

Maybe the time is ripe for a new political party in Ireland. We have been here before: The PDs were supposed to offer an alternative to the existing parties. However their raison d’être was never unique enough for the party to be seen as a viable alternative. So they imploded. What would a new political party offer at this time? Would it be to the right or the left? Or both? Would it be pro or anti EU, looking to Boston or Berlin? Would it be pro big business or pro union? Would it perhaps find that it is not so different from the established parties, that the policy routes open to it are fewer than it ever imagined?

We know that FF, in its time in charge, really did march the country up to the edge of the abyss, that elements of the party were corrupt and that the party could no longer be trusted to govern. We know that FG and Labour have done their best to meet the fiscal demands of the Troika, that they have subsequently behaved somewhat recklessly in moving away from the fiscal rectitude script, both no doubt spooked by the continued haemorrhaging of their traditional support base. We know that they have continued to play old-style politics instead of responding to public demands for greater honesty and transparency in how we are governed and how our resources are managed. This government has played its part in further tarnishing the image of old-school politics.

Maybe we need revolution!

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