Elections – don’t you just love ‘em!

The elections were some craic though weren’t they?  The tension, the drama, the pontificating experts, the cliff-hanger outcomes, the grey stoic faces of the vanquished, the whoops of joy from the victorious. Live theatre at its best. John Bowman was happy as a child on confirmation day, Noel Whelan was making wild predictions then betting against himself! And the parties? FG are a chastened lot, the people having sent a warning shot across their bows. And yet they have suffered nothing worse then some flesh wounds – nothing broken. Expect the internal grumblings to grow louder. Labour cannot understand how it is that they can be so misunderstood. Cannot the people see that they – Labour – are of the people, that anything they have done has been for the people. And this is the thanks they get! They have swallowed hard and begun the process of atonement in delivering the head of their leader. Expect to see further efforts to make amends and win back favour at the expense of the working relationship built up with their partners in government. FF are quietly happy with themselves. Who would have thought that forgiveness would come so soon? Just like old times. And sure won’t the best always rise to the top! Part of the next government? Eamonn Ó Cuiv says he can work with SF. And how about SF’s performance in the elections? A master class, that’s what it was, north and south. Their most impressive performance yet. Truly they are of the people, the face of modern Ireland. They may not yet have been bloodied in battle, their policies may be still be very much works-in-progress (that’s being kind!), their past something which still leaves many uncomfortable. And yet. They are on the march. A nation once again. Then there were the “Others”. Collectively they had a field day taking seats all over the place. Of these “Others” People Before Profit were particularly big winners. They may come across as a pretty disconsolate lot. That was before the election. Now they are happy, happy, happy. Bet they are hoping the government keeps on bringing in taxes! It’s all one big game.

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