With the elections almost upon us politicians up and down the country are growing ever more frenetic in their efforts to convince you that “I AM THE ONE”! The last minute attempts to ensure all bases are covered has more than a few in a dervish-like trance-state of near exhaustion. The whole thing is a great game, dirty tackles and all! Not that you can expect any dirty play from your Green Party candidates. We are not ones for petty off-the-ball harrying or name-calling even if we do not shy away from going in with the shoulder! We leave gratuitous mud-slinging to others. I am listening to a panel on Sean O’Rourke’s radio show (|RTE 1) discussing the good, the bad and the ugly of local democracy and the doing away with our Town Councils. Will we miss them? The general feeling is that their days were numbered way back in the 1970s when much of their power was transferred to County Councils. One thing is certain: with Town Councils gone we will make a big saving on unjustifiable expenses and junkets. What chance we might see reform to present abuses in this area at County Council level? Now, more than ever, people want to know that it is not simply a case of business as usual in the Council. They want public representatives who will do what is right rather than doing what they are told. There is a palpable sense of anger towards politicians of all persuasions, a sense that a promise made is a promise waiting to be broken, and that, for the majority of politicians, party will always come before the common good. No wonder people find it hard to trust politicians. Let us hope that our incoming Councillors can learn to work together, for the good of his constituents, in a responsible and transparent way.  Councillors need to have one overriding aim, one which starts with the question: “What can I do to make Wexford a better place to live, shop and work?”. Councillors cannot wave a magic wand and make everything alright. What they can do is lay the groundwork to allow us build a better Wexford whether through better policy development and more careful allocation of scarce resources. They can, and must, ensure that tax/rate payers get a bigger bang for their buck by working more closely with local business and the community. Such an approach can deliver better services, better roads, safer streets, and a Wexford that is open for business.

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