Cllr Danny Forde – working for Wexford

Danny Happy2As Cllr Danny Forde faces into the final few weeks of campaigning before the elections he has taken time out to tell us how he feels he can make a difference. Forde has been getting a very positive reaction on the canvas trail. However, he says that there is a palpable sense of anger towards politicians of all persuasions, a sense that a promise made is a promise waiting to be broken, and that, for the majority of politicians, party will always come before country. “People find it hard to trust politicians,” he says.
Cllr Forde says he will not make promises he cannot keep and will always act in a responsible and transparent way for the good of his constituents. “My priority,” he says, “is to make Wexford a better place to live, shop and work.” Here are some of the ways he hopes to do this:
 Preparing for the Upturn
- with house prices on the way back up, what chance that we return to the reckless speculation and poor planning of the boom years? How do we prevent young first-time buyers from getting priced out of the market? How do we include a safety net to ensure vulnerable families do not end up in  hotel room or, worse, out on the street? I stand for sustainable development and transparency in the planning process; I also stand for the right of everyone to have a roof over their heads.
 Build Smarter, Save Money!
- yes you can save on energy costs while also being kind to the environment!
- we can lead the way by starting on social housing and public buildings.
 Better local services … and less roads to no where!
- ensuring that you get better value-for-money from your Council. Whenever hard questions need to be asked, I ask them!
 Better support for town centre business
- getting the message out that Wexford is open for business!
- you pays your money, you deserve better. Your Council needs to work harder to make Wexford a more attractive place to work and shop.
 Make it easier for new business set-up
- putting in place the conditions to make Wexford more attractive to new business,  encouraging inward investment, ensuring meaningful handholding of start-up business.
- especially target I.T., services, local producers, “green” jobs.
 Think Local, Buy Local!
- especially when it comes to quality fresh food produced locally. 
- Let’s make the route from producer to consumer as short as possible so the producer not only gets most of the price paid, he can also keep his prices down. 
 Rosslare Harbour – “Get the Harbour back on track”
- this is our gateway to the EU and it is not fit for purpose. Reversing years of neglect here must be a priority.
 Develop brand “Wexford” 
- on land, on sea, lets push “Destination Wexford”!
- good for tourism, good for business.
 Speaking up for communities
- every voice deserves to be heard. If you have an issue you are passionate about talk to me!
 Making Wexford a bike-friendly town
- let’s take a lead from the Dutch and make cycling the default mode of transport around Wexford.
- develop a Wexford bike self-service rental scheme. What better way to get around!
 Working to make Wexford an all-ages-friendly zone.
- Easier to get around, safe and always welcoming; more activities for teenagers; nurturing respect for the elders in our community.
 Focus on the arts
- better support for local arts groups;
- recognition of the part the arts can play in giving young people a constructive and rewarding outlet for their creative energies;
- acknowledge and reward excellence in the arts.
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