With elections looming Labour’s Joan Burton breaks her silence!

Minister for Social Protection Joan Burton finally decides enough is enough and she is making a stand. She wants no cuts to her department’s budget. We read in the Indo that the Minister “launched a scathing attack on a number of her Fine Gael Cabinet colleagues”.  So you see she is on our side after all. (http://www.independent.ie/irish-news/politics/joan-burtons-gloves-are-off-over-welfare-reform-plans-30242290.html)

Some of the comments to the piece would suggest a degree of doubt on this:

“Isn’t it totally amazing that Labour are finally making a ‘public’ stand like they did before the last election, right before the next elections. I know that some cynics may question Labours ‘line in the sand’ after the ‘Frankfurt vs Labour’ slogan, but this time they swear it is different. You would have to be a cynic to not believe them.”

“Ms Burton hacked away with a disorganised and crazy axe for the past few years – but says no more hacking (for now) because there are elections. The basis of Irish political thinking has always been just to lie low for a while after the faux pas and the people will forget soon enough. Let’s hope the mentality and education of the Irish voters has improved.”

“Thanks for sharing that with us, Joan. It’s really great news. And the fact that you’ve finally broken your vow of silence naturally has nothing to do with the minor matter of imminent elections and Labour’s resolute march into Armageddon? No? Of course not! We know you for one have no Rabbitte-esque tendencies, you know, that nasty habit where one promises certain things before elections and does the polar opposite afterwards.”

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