Danny Forde to run for Council again

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Green Party Councillor Danny Forde has been confirmed as the party’s sole candidate in County Wexford in the upcoming local elections. Having just completed his first term as a Councillor Danny has built up a reputation as a hard-working, no-nonsense politician.  He has been something of a reforming voice in the Council Chamber during his term. That said, the resistance to change he has found among some of his fellow Councillors has often left him wondered why they are there at all!

Councillor Forde has a number of areas he is particularly passionate about: all thing MARITIME – he wants to see our fishermen getting better support from the government and the EU; also under “maritime” he wants to see ROSSLARE HARBOUR brought into the 21st century – the neglect there has, he reckons, been criminal; supporting LOCAL FOOD PRODUCERS – they need effective local markets through which they can sell their produce and deal directly with the shopper; updating the WEXFORD TOWN & ENVIRONS DEVELOPMENT PLAN so that the area can be better prepared to deal with the improving economic climate, and, on the planning front, have effective policies in place to deal with the effects of climate change (such as increased flooding, coastal erosion); as part of development plan reforms he also wants to see greater efforts made to REJUVENATE WEXFORD’S TOWN CENTRE (incentives and reliefs for local business setup, over store living, etc); a huge fan of local music and theatre Danny welcomes the continued support the Council gives to WEXFORD ARTS CENTRE and other local arts outfits – he vows to push for even GREATER SUPPORT FOR THE ARTS; Wexford relies in a big way on TOURISM – Danny is committed to pushing for a greater commitment by the Council to this sector which still does not get the attention it merits.

Bringing tourism and matters maritime together Forde particularly wants to see renowned explorer Robert McClure commemorated in this, his home county, for his achievements in showing that the North West Passage could be sailed and for being the first person ever to circumnavigate the Americas. The obvious way to go about this, he says, is to establish a new MARITIME MUSEUM at the Ballast Office at Crescent Quay where McClure, Admiral John Barry, William Lamport and others could be honoured.

A committed ENVIRONMENTALIST, Forde vows to continue in his efforts to keep the County GM-FREE. He applauds Wexford Town’s decision to promote the importance of BIODIVERSITY though the “Let’s Bee Friendly” project. He wants to ensure that it is made as easy as possible for the county’s farmers to GROW ORGANIC – this includes providing them with market outlets for their produce.

Finally, there is one issue which has been exercising Cllr Forde over the past couple of years – the reluctance by the HSE to act to deal with a TOXIC MEDICAL WASTE DUMP on the grounds of the old County Hospital. With a number of residents living right beside this dump, and their properties prone to contamination from the dump, Forde is committed to getting the HSE to face up to approaching this mess in a responsible way.

So there you have it – that’s Cllr Danny Forde in a nutshell! If you like what you have read we ask you to give Danny your NUMBER 1.

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