Glenbrook residents fear for their health because of old hospital dump

Glenbrook Estate lies in the shadow of the old Wexford hospital. Unfortunately for its residents it also sits right next to a dump they did not know about ¬†on the old hospital grounds. Suffice to say that they know now! Those residents whose houses back on to the dump have found various medical waste items in the soil. And analysis has shown up dangerously high levels of toxins in soil samples tested. Are they concerned? You bet they are – you certainly would not want to be eating carrots grown in those gardens. It would appear that the authorities have not been bending over backwards to meet this matter head on and deal with what looks like a potentially hazardous situation. The Green Party’s EU candidate Grace O’Sullivan joined Cllr Danny Forde at an on-site meeting with residents last Friday. She was genuinely shocked, and moved, at what they had to tell her. She has vowed to do whatever she can to progress the matter and arrive at a satisfactory solution.


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