No Incinerator for Poolbeg

The government has just stated that Poolbeg in Dublin will definitely not be getting an incinerator. So €100m later and years of bullyboy tactics by Dublin City Council the penny has dropped. Our own John Gormley, as Minister for Environment, repeatedly pointed out the folly of this proposed incinerator and the undemocratic way in which it was been foisted on the people of Poolbeg. At the same time he was responsible for getting Ireland to get serious about recycling domestic waste so that now most of us use green and brown bins along with our non-recyclables waste bin. The decision to introduce those recycling facilities came at the same time that Labour, Fine Gael and Fianna Fail voted for incineration. What those other parties didn’t expect was that Irish people would take to recycling in such a way that there was no need in the end for the incinerator. The decision not to go with this incinerator marks a small but important victory for common sense and sustainability over short-term thinking and improper bureaucratic control. The Green Party’s Malcolm Noonan is delighted that we have finally begun to see the light on how we deal with our waste saying “We cannot burn away our waste problem or export it”.  He goes on to say that “our waste stream is a valuable resource and we can create sustainable employment if we develop waste solutions which are also environmentally responsible. We have the technological know-how to extract valuable metals and other high value items, while organic waste can be used to provide materials which support agriculture and energy policy. ”

While we welcome the decision not to proceed with the Poolbeg incinerator we know from the current controversy over the humungous consultancy fees paid out by Irish Water that old habits die hard. And the media has been having a field day reminding us of other similar abuses of public monies. Here is just one example from The Examiner:–scandalous-waste-of-our-money-244778.html

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