Our Leader is not happy with Labour!

  Green Party leader Eamon Ryan is not happy. Of Labour in power he has this to say: “Broken promises and missed opportunities”.
  Over the last two and a half years, he says the Labour Party has had to break every false promise they made to the Irish people about what they would do if they were to form a government. “The most obvious of these is their faithful adoption of the economic strategy that had been set out by the previous administration and their careful adherence to implementing it line by line. Their worst deceit has been to victimise and single out the young people of this country, who have borne the brunt of increased college fees and slashed grants, savage social welfare cuts, and the abject failure of Labour to provide any substantial protection to our education system while they are in power.”
  He goes on to say that Labour has no desire, and has made no effort, to reform our tainted and inefficient political and administrative systems. As regards the huge energy and climate challenges facing us Labour, he says, is happy to continue in a “Crisis? What crisis?” mode. 
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