The Girl Against Fluoride

calendar_bannerAisling FitzGibbon, aka ‘The Girl Against Fluoride’, is taking legal action against the Irish Government to end the policy of mandatory water fluoridation of public water supplies.  Despite the fact that there is a growing body of scientific evidence pointing to the harmful effects caused by ingesting fluoride the Irish government has just said, again, that it has no intention of doing anything about a practise which it considers to be safe and in the best interest of the people.  As Aisling says “we are one of the world’s sickest nations” thanks to fluoridation of our water especially when it comes to diseases such as dementia and alzheimers.  And this does not look like changing any time soon as the three main parties – FF, FG and Labour – are all in favour of the current policy. Aisling plans on going all the way to the High Court with her case. She reckons that carries a price tag of around €30k. You can help by visiting her site and buying one of her Girl Against Fluoride Naked Calendars. You can also buy a reverse osmosis water filter through a link on her site and she gets a portion of the fee.

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