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COVID Posters

The HSE has some well designed and easy to read COVID-related posters available for download.

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Green Party leader calls for National Unity Government

Leader of the Green Party Eamon Ryan has called on his Dáil colleague to form a crisis National Unity Government to deal with the extraordinary position in which the country, and the World, presently finds itself. Sounds good in theory: stability … Continue reading

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Message from Green Party leader Eamon Ryan

Dear fellow members,   I hope you and your friends and family are safe and well. Fear is everywhere in the air with the Coronavirus and the only antidote to hand is hope in the power of collective action to … Continue reading

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Letterkenny hosts Green Party Convention

This year’s Green Party Convention takes place halfways between Wexford and Reykjavik, which is to say Letterkenny, June 6 and 7.

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Greens will talk to anyone and everyone!

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Green Party talks to all parties in its efforts to form government

So, what’s the latest on the Green Party’s efforts to find consensus with other parties re putting together a workable government? Listen to party leader, Eamon Ryan. And here’s here’s new Green TD Joe O’Brien‘s take on it. When he speaks … Continue reading

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