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Politicians should not be let within an ass’s roar of anything to do with planning

There is more than sufficient evidence to show that our politicians, national and local, cannot be trusted to deliver proper implementation of planning policy. The Celtic Tiger years particularly brought this to the fore. Consider this: tax breaks (to encourage … Continue reading

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“Housing crisis emerges as single biggest election issue”, says newspaper

The Irish Times reports that, according to a survey carried out by, housing and health are the issues at the top of the list of most candidates in the upcoming General Election. Other items getting prominent mention were education, water charges, … Continue reading

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Community Energy Proclamation

We like this ‘Proclamation’ in which the community is central to the process of making the transition to “a clean, secure energy future”:

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Wexford Green Party announces candidate for General Election 2016

The Green Party has announced that Ann Walsh will be the party’s candidate for Co Wexford in the 2016 General Election. Ann, originally from New Ross but now living in Castletown, says she is very much looking forward to the … Continue reading

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Wexford Local Economic and Community Plan (LECP) 2016-2021

Wexford County Council is presently working on the Wexford Local Economic and Community Plan (LECP) 2016-2021. September 22 is the deadline for public submissions. A draft Socio-Economic Statement identifying the following six high level goals has been prepared: 1 Foster the culture … Continue reading

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Wexford’s Redmond Park to be upgraded

We are delighted to report that, following representations made to Wexford County Council, Redmond Park is to have funds allocated to its upgrading. We understand that top of the list is the playground, followed by plans to bring back the … Continue reading

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Taoiseach places his own self-preservation above all else

There is a well written opinion piece, “Fennelly highlights ruthlessness of the Taoiseach when the chips are down”, in The Wexford People this week (link below). I presume it is in all the other local and regional newspapers in the … Continue reading

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Launch of Future-Proof Wexford

The launch of Future-Proof Wexford took place this week (Sept 8) at Wexford Library. Guest speaker was Davie Philip of the Cloughjordan Ecovillage and the organisation Cultivate. The aim of this initiative is to get Wexford to get serious about facing up … Continue reading

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Minister Brendan Howlin

Minister for Public Expenditure, Brendan Howlin, says that he now regrets the government’s decision to abolish town councils. Could this be the start of the pre-election charm offensive?

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Carcur Park may not happen after all

A recent meeting of Wexford Municipal District Council discussed the proposed new ‘People’s Park’ at Carcur, Wexford. The meeting was told by the Director of Services with responsibility for Wexford that the Council might have to either downsize the proposed … Continue reading

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Economist Peter Bacon says government contributed to boom years property price rises

Speaking today at the Joint Committee of Inquiry into the Banking Crisis economist Dr Peter Bacon said the government contributed to the run-away property price rises. The government had asked Dr Bacon for recommendations on how to deal with the … Continue reading

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A Pesticides Levy makes good sense

One welcome development in general household food purchasing and consumption is how much more questioning we are of food provenance. Most of us also make some effort to eat a healthier diet (more fruit and veg, less red meat, less … Continue reading

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Nuclear Power? No thanks Minister!

Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources Alex White decided to end the old year on a low by pushing the nuclear power option back onto the agenda. We could say “Fair enough so: let’s look at nuclear power, let’s compare … Continue reading

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Water Charges March

The latest anti-water charges march happens in Dublin today. We will not be there. Notwithstanding the government’s ham-fisted efforts in bringing in water charges we believe that we should pay – and not a general, but a specific, tax – … Continue reading

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‘Traditional Parties Have led Ireland into the Abyss’

Here’s a link to an interesting article by Independent TD Stephen Donnelly entitled ‘Traditional Parties Have led Ireland into the Abyss’: All across Europe trust in the established parties is at an all-time low. Ireland is no exception. According to … Continue reading

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The End Game

So the government thought it was going to placate the masses with a relatively benign budget and what do we do? We snub our noses at it and say “too little, too late”. We cannot forgive them for asking to tighten our … Continue reading

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You can find out at St Iberius Church, Wexford on Thursday, Oct 30 (7.30pm). The occasion is International Day of Prayer for Climate Justice. What better time could there be to take an objective and reflective look at an issue … Continue reading

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Co-op Power!

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You would almost be feeling sorry for our blue-shirted friends. Almost.

Listening to the news today it feels like the good times are back. One hears that unemployment continues to fall (now at its lowest level since 2009), job creation is going up, the economy is performing strongly and “could bounce … Continue reading

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Wexford gets ready to party at annual Opera Festival

While most towns on the island have put Summer well behind them and, with ever shorter and cooler Autumnal days, have begun to batten down the hatches for the Winter. They will keep the heads down until Christmas. Not so … Continue reading

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